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Got inspiration? Inspire others….


Inspiration…a noun, right? According to definition, yes, but I also see it as a verb, a state of being. Similar to happiness, this is something that needs constant action. It is an exchange of energy requiring presence between myself and those around me and/or the environment surrounding me. Admittedly, there are days when the search for this inspiration is challenged by the human condition. The condition of being in my head, in my own issues, love tank low and the normalcy of seeing the ocean everyday. But then, miraculously, a gift, a gesture, a kind word or a smile will turn it all around, my issues will fade and again, my heart is full with the stuff that keeps me on purpose, on point and in my body……inspiration in the form of perspective.   

Kristen is a longtime childhood friend . She is warm, compassionate, gracious and just really a super nice and happy person. I played basketball with her in high school and while we didn’t hang out much, we were friends. Two years after we graduated high school, we worked together for a gold mine in our hometown over the summer. Best summer job ever of giving tours at the mine site that allowed for a lot of fun after work as we would finish around 300pm. It was around this time she met her husband Rick. After that summer, we lost touch, but through the gift of class reunions and Facebook stayed in “touch”. It was through Facebook that I learned of her breast cancer diagnosis. Situations like these keep it real, right? She is a mom to 4 children and the facts of mom to 4 and cancer make me realize that yes, these are things that occur in our adulting lives. As I read her posts, her courage and positivity are admirable, inspiring nonetheless,  and knowing Kristen, I know she genuinely feels and is responding to this challenge in this way. Her course of therapy and treatment are 5 years, a long road ahead. This challenge would be enough, but this story doesn’t end there. 

One year after Kristen’s diagnosis, her 13-year old son Nikko became ill. Eventually a diagnosis of an aggressive stage IV cancer would be confirmed. This is life. Unbelievable events and at times completely insurmountable circumstances that bring us to our knees. In these moments lie the perspective, the gratitude, the heartache and the challenge of finding our true purpose in this life. True purpose doesn’t lie in your job, your status, your things. It lies in the ability to help each other when life knocks you down and just as important, find courage in sharing your struggles to allow for grace and support to find its way in. 

Today I am inspired to share their story with you. The link is below which includes an opportunity for you to donate to their family fund and share their story. Be inspired, find perspective and be grateful. 

Worthington Family Fund

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