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Part of caring for the self is creating space. I didn’t know how to create space, I just felt the need to do so. So I started simple. I reduced my 2-a-day workouts to one. See this wasn’t providing space, just an opportunity to reorganize the energy. What did I need? Sweat, strength, music. These elements click with my physical and emotional body, providing confidence, strength, glow and really good sleep. The fitness practice that has resonated with me most is CorePower Yoga. Heated, physical, energetic and music infused vinyasa. The first class I took, I was IN…all IN. So much so, I now teach for CPY and am the studio manager at the Santa Barbara location. What CPY has created is an opportunity for self-realization and connection in a physical way through yoga, which by the way, changes your chemistry and brain. More to come on that later.

cpy bullseye

Check out the link on this page CorePower Yoga. Or better yet, come check out one of my classes!! Follow the link, choose the Santa Barbara location and check out our schedule.

Skin Care, Nutrition & Alternative Therapies


This is my beautiful sister. She is a Rodan & Fields consultant and sells their amazing skin care. Admittedly, when I first signed up, it was as a favor. But honestly, this stuff works. My skin takes an absolute beating on a daily basis with the heat and humidity of teaching hot yoga, workouts, the beautiful sun in Santa Barbara and just the signs of aging. My skin looks better now than it did in my 20s and this picture of her is recent.

Visit her  R & F page and private message her for more details on sales, specials and products.




vital proteins

This product is changing my life….literally. In the journey of self-care, being more present, recovering from burnout and seeking really good fuel to power my day-to-day, I started taking this about 3 weeks ago. 2 scoops, 40 grams of protein, 40 grams of collagen. We all know that protein is an essential macronutrient in providing the building blocks for our body at a cellular level.  We need it to recover, to retain lean muscle mass and drive metabolism. Again, having tried every product, every diet, every nutrition plan, I have implemented this regimen and noticed results. My appetite, sleep, overall energy (I am completely off caffeine) and mood have all experienced positive effects. I have suffered from insomnia for about 2 years and I am finally able to sleep throughout the night. Not only is it important to get enough protein on a daily basis (we need approximately 0.5-1 mg per kg of body weight), but as we age, our body produces less collagen, an essential in healthy bones, skin and overall health. In essence, the collagen and the protein work together to build and repair the foundation of your body at a cellular level, gut level and metabolic level. It is revolutionary.

Check out the link below or on my home page. The product is affordable and definitely worth a try. I mix it in my decaf coffee in the morning and then one scoop at night in my last 32 ounces of water for the day.

Vital Proteins-Official



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